About me

Hi, I'm Florian. I'm currently a post-doc in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. Before that, I did my PhD at Heidelberg University (in Germany) in the Differential Geometry research group. My PhD thesis can be found here.


Just email me at florian21@florianstecker.net


I'm interested in discrete subgroups of semisimple Lie groups, in particular Anosov representations.


Florian Stecker, Anosov triangle reflection groups in SL(3,R), arXiv:2106.11349

Florian Stecker, Balanced ideals and domains of discontinuity of Anosov representations, arXiv:1810.11496

Florian Stecker and Nicolaus Treib, Domains of discontinuity in oriented flag manifolds, arXiv:1806.04459

Other things:

Together with David Dumas I made a program to enumerate balanced ideals in Weyl groups.

I was organizing the monthly meetings of our research group in Heidelberg. See here for a list of dates and speakers.


Fall 2021:Introduction to Number Theory (Math 328K)
Spring 2021: No teaching.
Fall 2020: Calculus 2 (Math 408D).
Spring 2020: Topology I (Math 367K).
Fall 2019:Introduction to Number Theory (Math 328K).
Winter 18/19: No teaching.
Summer 2018: Teaching assistant for Differential Geometry by Anna Siffert.
Winter 17/18: Teaching assistant for Differential Geometry 2 by Beatrice Pozzetti.
Summer 2017: No teaching.
Winter 16/17: Teaching assistant for Differential Geometry 2 by Gye-Seon Lee and Anna Wienhard.
Summer 2016: Teaching assistant for Differential Geometry by Anna Wienhard.
Winter 15/16: No teaching.

Lecture notes

Together with some fellow students, mainly Viktor Kleen, I took notes while studying math in Munich. Some are in english, some in german. They are likely full of mistakes.